We help shape your future and plan your journey to get you there.

Our DB Results specialists help you to set the direction of your business and empower your strategic initiatives. We define your roadmap, advise on opportunities and changes, ensure effective governance and monitor the journey's progress.

How we deliver your business results
Business Transformation Program Establishment

Globalisation, shifting economic leadership, constant technology innovation and the challenges of regulatory compliance create complex and evolving business environments. Successful organisations continually adapt. We help you navigate this complexity and adapt by establishing a successful business transformation program.

Business Strategy

Master the complex and evolving business environment with our DB Results transformation framework and execution services. As your independent partner, we bring executive advisory insights from many industries to ensure you consider all relevant options and select the optimal strategy for your business. Our proven approach unlocks and captures your business acumen and creativity and delivers it into a business strategy model enabling execution.

Independent Verification and Validation

Concerned whether your initiatives are delivering the expected results? Do you have multiple or critical business and technical change programs calling on the same resource pool?

Using a robust review framework and delivery methodology we independently verify and validate the status of your business and technical change programs. We identify key risk areas and provide remediation plans. Where required, we provide regular check points to guide programs to deliver successfully the expected outcomes.

Digital and Technology Strategy Blueprints

Define practical and achievable digital and technology strategies that unlock the potential of the digital age for your organisation. Our Digital and Technology Strategy Blueprint services define your digital transformation journey and help you manage every aspect of the change.


As companies and consumers we rely on regulation to ensure equitable access to products and services. Organisations are increasingly required to demonstrate compliance while managing shrinking margins and operational cost pressures. DB Results enables organisations to use regulatory change as a vehicle to demonstrate, innovate and grow their business.

Business Integration (Mergers and Acquisitions)

Considering or commencing a merger or acquisition? Concerned about how you can ensure that you can reap the planned benefits for the shareholders and stakeholders?

We help you plan your change while minimising your operating risk. Our integration framework provides the struture to coordinate the organisation, commercial, technology, brand and process changes to generate and release the planned merger and acquisition benefits.


SFIA is an invaluable tool in our transformation offering. Not only does the framework help us define our customers' target state capabilities, it also helps us understand the skills required to embark on the journey. It does not matter if we are creating an Agile Business or a Digital solution, SFIA is a key framework in our transformation strategy. Cap2Vate™, our end-to-end capability management tool, allows organisations to not only capture their staff skills as defined by SFIA, but also incorporates existing capability elements into a management tool.

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Power of Choice strategy for a Victorian electricity company
Power of Choice strategy for VIC electricity company

With the impending commoditisation of mass market metering in Australia, DB Results helped this electricity distributor to develop its strategy to meet the next wave of consumer focused change, called Power of Choice.

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